The car buying experience has evolved...

At CarOne, we believe it's all about the experience, out with the old, in with the new. 

We want you to feel at home when you're shopping with us. 

All of our offices have been converted to lounges with your ultimate comfort in mind.

We also got rid of salespeople and created experience leaders

Our team doesn't work on commission so they're always happy to help.

Buying a car should be worry free, that's why we introduced a no-haggle pricing policy.

We take the time to study the market to price ourselves below other dealers and give you the peace of mind that everyone gets the same deal.


We'll give you the most competitive value for your trade-in vehicle. 

Take pictures from home and CarOne will guarantee your trade value before you ever show up. The best part is, you don't even need to buy a car from us. 

At CarOne we go the distance.

If you have to drive a couple of hours to get here, we'll be happy to offer you an overnight stay at a hotel in downtown Kingston for the price of... on the house!

We've also got a large selection of vehicles for you to choose from

Oh! And all of our cars are accident-free guarantee.

Whether you're looking to purchase...

Or in need of service...

We've got you covered, Kingston!

At CarOne, you're in control

Just the way it should be. 

Give us a call or find us online.

Let us show you first hand what the CarOne experience is all about.