Your Car Drives So Much Better When You Care For Your Tires

Your car is equipped with an amazing engine that produces great torque and lots of horsepower. As well an engineering department invested sweat and tears into developing state of the art suspension to take those dramatic twist and turns.

However, even a supercar can’t perform with poor tires. Your tires are the delivery system; everything from steering, braking, handling and acceleration depends on the performance of a good set of tires.

Keep Your Tires At Their Best With CarOne Kingston’s Tire Care

CarOne’s Tire Care Program will add to your driving experience while keeping you safe and sound. Read our top 4 takeaways for the best in tire care:
Tire Pressure: Many cars have a tire pressure monitoring system that will tell you if your tires are below an acceptable level. Low tire pressure will cause uneven wear, poor performance and cause damage to the overall tire structure. Booking a routine tire pressure check with a qualified professional not only ensures your monitoring system is accurate; you can rest assured all four tires have equal pressure, which will result in each tire wearing evenly.
Alignment: Scraping the occasional curb is unavoidable. And potholes can appear out of nowhere. Unfortunately, these hazards will throw off your car’s front-end alignment and cause your steering to favor one direction over the other. Driving with your alignment out of balance will eventually wear your tires unevenly and also cause them to wear faster than necessary.
Rotation: Even with perfect tire pressure and alignment, your tires will often wear unevenly. This can be a result of the state of the roads you drive each day, or a tendency to make more left-hand turns than right. Regardless, having your tires rotated every 10,000 km’s will ensure all four tires wear at the same rate. If your car has a full sized spare on the same style rim, it’s a good idea to rotate it with the other four. This one small step will prolong the life of your tires by 25%.
Tread: The tread of your tires is what gives them grip in all kinds of weather. Our service includes inspection of all aspects of your tread. Fine cracks that indicate the rubber is losing its compound of essential oils, which interferes with its ability to grip the road. We also examine each tire to ensure there are no defects such as shifted or broken belts, or bulges on the inside and outside walls and of course we check the overall wear of each tire.

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