Pay Less for Your Oil Change and Retain Your Factory Warranty

Stop paying inflated new car dealership prices for your oil changes. Retain your warranty coverage and pay a fraction of the price when you use CarOne Kingston for your oil changes.

That’s right, you can get your oil changed at nearly half the dealership price and retain your warranty, even if your car requires synthetic oil. And we won’t compromise on quality. CarOne uses the same oil, filter and servicing method as a dealership.

Benefits of a Regular Oil Change

There is a good reason why your lawn mower won’t start if the oil levels are too low. In fact, if this feature were a realistic option for cars then many manufacturers would include it as standard.
For now, however, manufacturers rely on you to take action when that annoying “service engine soon” warning activates each time you start the car.
Changing your engine oil regularly provides protection against two main issues:
Oil Levels
Even with the engineering advances and improvements in quality control in recent decades, you’ll be very surprised at just how much oil your car burns. And not just between oil changes. In fact, your car can burn 25% of its oil between one fuel top up and the next.
Some German cars commonly burn a whole liter of oil for every 1,000 km’s driven.
Your car probably holds approximately 4 liters of oil. Therefore you can burn through oil quite quickly, and failure to monitor the oil level could result in significant engine damage. In fact, if you continue to drive your car with no oil then you will certainly create catastrophic issues.
A regular oil change protects against this risk. An oil change is a lot less expensive than an engine replacement!

Oil Thickening From Dirt and Age

You’ll notice a much smoother and more powerful driving experience with regular oil changes. Best of all, your car will run more efficiently because it will use less fuel.
Car oil becomes contaminated over time with small filings dislodged from your engine. This is a perfectly normal situation, however, your oil will thicken and become dirty as a result.
Oil naturally thickens because of extreme engine conditions. Did you know that your car’s oil hits the engine’s cylinders as they move up and down 3,000 times in a minute, even while you are only traveling at 50km per hour?
Couple that with our extreme Canadian weather conditions! As your oil is being pounded around your engine it’s being subjected to our weather patterns – from subzero temperatures in winter to high humidity and heat in the summer.
Many manufacturers now recommend only changing your oil between 10,000 and 11,000km.
It’s a safe bet to assume oil has provided its dollar’s worth at 6,000 – 8,000km when you consider what the oil has to endure, and the critical important role it plays in keeping your car running smoothly and safely.

Tight Schedule? You need a Flexible Service Department

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