It’s Time to Kick Winter to the Curb – Why You Should Get a Springtime Maintenance Package on Your Car


It’s almost time to roll down the windows. We’re now in the homestretch; this week was the official beginning of spring. It may not feel like it, but we’re about to hit some warmer weather.  Winter comes with driving and vehicle maintenance headaches. The icy roads and cold temperatures can really test your vehicle and spring is a great time to deal with the wear and tear created by winter.

We highly recommend that you take your vehicle to a shop and have the technicians inspect your vehicle for minor problems before they become major issues. Driving during a Canadian winter can create issues for your vehicle and it’s usually best to find them early with a springtime maintenance inspection at your local garage.

You’ll want to make sure that wheels are properly aligned. It’s common for vehicles to be running without proper steering alignment after a long winter. It may not seem like a major issue, but if your alignment is off it can cause your tires to wear quicker than they should. A car with an off alignment will need to work harder to make the vehicle move; this will make you pay more at the pump by hurting your fuel efficiency.

Potholes can be a nasty reality that Canadian driver’s face. Ontario regulations require municipalities to fix potholes when they reach a depth of 8 cm and they have seven days to do so. A pothole of 8 cm can do a lot of damage to your vehicle. Officials in the city of Toronto have fixed 110,595 potholes this year, a new record for the city. This winter and its flux in temperature have been rough for the roads and you’ll want to make sure your car doesn’t pay the price.

It’s pretty common problem to feel your wheel vibrate for this time of the year.  A high-pressure car wash is usually a great first step towards solving this issue. Road grit, dirt, stones and sand can gather in your rims during the winter and can harden over time, this can cause your vehicle to behave strangely when driving. Most wheels are balanced to within a quarter inch of an ounce, think about the effect of several ounces of that caked-in mud can have on your drive. A car wash can loosen up this dirt and will give your car a nice shine at the same time.

Most automotive repair shops will offer some type of spring maintenance package and they will usually include a comprehensive inspection. It’s a good idea to take advantage of one of these sales and get an experienced pair of eyes looking at your vehicle.  Investing some money into your car in the spring could potentially save you hundreds in a few short months and will give you the peace of mind of knowing your car is operating as it should for those upcoming exciting road trips.

Our team of experienced mechanics works on all makes and models and they’ve seen the effects that a long Canadian winter can have on a car first-hand. Here are some common maintenance jobs we  recommend for your spring-time service appointment:

  • Oil Change – Just like death and taxes – oil changes are a certainty with car ownership (unless you own an electric). It’s important to keep up-to-date on your oil changes and with spring just down the road, it’s probably a good time to get your motor oil and filter replaced. A car with regular oil changes will run better, use less fuel, and it helps prevent major engine damage. You don’t want to be stuck on the side of the 401 with a broken down car.
  • Check Your Fluids – Your car needs various fluids to keep running smoothly. Make sure your fluids are not only at the manufactures recommended levels, but are also fresh. Check your power steering, transmission, and brake fluids; top up your windshield washer fluid; and your coolant. It might be best to have a professional help when it comes to flushing and replacing some of these fluids.
  • Replace Wiper Blade – You know the saying – April showers bring May flowers. It rains a lot in spring and you don’t want to be stuck driving in a downpour with damaged or worn-out wiper blades. The winter cold can crack and damage your wiper blades, so it’s usually best to change them in the spring.
  • Check Your Belts and Hoses – Like, with wiper blades, rubber and cold don’t mix well. Have your mechanic check your belts and hoses for cracks and damage. It can be a fairly minor repair that can help prevent some major damage to core parts of your vehicle.
  • Check Your Tires- Tires are essential for driving safety, they are your only point of contact between your car and the road. Shifting temperatures can cause your tire air pressure to shift and leaks should be dealt with. Measure your tire’s tread, and look for any irregular or uneven wear. Be sure to rotate your tires every 10,000 km to increase their lifespan.

Look, we get it. Car maintenance isn’t always fun, but it’s an essential way to package your vehicle, especially after winter. The winter is rough on your car and spring is the perfect time to check everything out. We are Kingston, ON’s one-stop service shop, our team of experienced has the experience and know-how to give your car the treatment it deserves. We have a great selection of springtime maintenance packages designed for all budgets and needs. Learn more about how we can keep your vehicle running smoothly by booking an appointment online, call us at 613.542.2223, or simply by stopping by our Kingston car repair shop at 790 Gardiners Road.