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Be Cool This Summer with Our $129.99 A/C Maintenance Package

Your vehicle’s A/C system has many components that require lots of attention and care. Without regular maintenance of your A/C system, you may find yourself rolling down the windows on a hot day to cool down. At CarOne, we’re here to make sure your vehicle’s A/C system stays fresh and gives you a cold shoulder.

We’ve put together a package we think you’ll like. For only $129.99 we’ll do an A/C System Evacuation and Recharge on your vehicle and we’ll perform a multi point inspection. That’s not all; our experienced Kingston automotive technicians will perform a Terraclean Mist Cleaning on your vehicle. This service is designed to make your vehicle smell great again by effectively removing molds, mildew, bacteria and other harmful things throughout your entire vehicle.

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Keep Your Vehicle Healthy With a CarOnce Over

We know that you and your vehicle are tight. It knows your favourite music, go-to road trip destinations, it knows how you like to sit, heck, it even knows when you skip the gym. Let’s just say that you and your car are tight and it deserves the best. Our CarOnce Over Package is designed to keep your vehicle healthy for the rest of the summer and beyond.

For $69.99 we give your vehicle a tire rotation, a roll-on alignment check, we’ll inspect your battery, give you a multipoint inspection and keep your engine happy with an Oil Change with conventional oil (pay $99.95 for synthetic oil).

Remember, our experienced technicians work on all makes and models.

Keep your vehicle happy (and secrets safe), take advantage of the CarOnce Over Package before it disappears.

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