10 Summer Road Trip Hacks That Will Actually Make Your Summer Road Trip Even Better

Summer Road Trip Tips

We’re now half way through the summer and many people are thinking about saddling up for their summer road trip. What better way to take in the summer? Before you hit the 401 we have some summer road trip hacks that can bring your road trip to the next level.

  • Be Open to Random Adventures
    Too much time planning can be a real fun-killer. Make sure you schedule lots of time for random adventures. It can really be fun to not know a new place and explore it. Ask locals and just drive around and watch for interesting things to check out. Being clueless can be exciting if you don’t know what to expect you’re less likely to be disappointed.
  • Research and Sign Up for a Gas Card Program
    Going on a long road trip means that you’re guaranteed to spend some money on fuel. All of the common gas stations such as Shell, PETRO-CANADA, Pioneer, Esso and many others have a loyalty card program. Do your research and see what company offers the best rewards and sign up before you hit the road.
  • Create the Ultimate Road Trip Playlist
    No road trip is complete without a great playlist. Apps such as Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music have taken the summer play list to an all-new level. The trick is to find something that works for everyone in the car. If you’re streaming music to your car you’ll want to make sure you have enough data on your mobile plan.
  • Check Out the World’s Largest Things
    Did you know that Canada is home to the world’s largest nickel, dinosaur, hockey stick, apple, ax and many other record-breaking destinations? Enter these tourist attractions in your GPS and take cheesy photos in front of them. It’s a great way to plan for a driving break, grab a bite to eat and add a new lame t-shirt to your closet.
  • Have a GPS or Phone with Google Maps
    Many vehicles come loaded with a navigation system, this can become your best friend during your summer road trip. Make sure you update your GPS before you leave, it’s amazing how many new roads are added yearly. Don’t have a built-in navigation system in your vehicle? You could purchase one here at CarOne Kingston, or use the Google Maps app on your phone (make sure you have a data plan).
  • Bring a Space Key
    Imagine how much trouble you’d be in if you lost or broke your only car key. Anything can happen and it’s best to be prepared. Store your spare key in a safe spot.
  • Talk to Locals
    It’s amazing how many great places can be found off the map. Make an effort to talk to locals and ask them to recommend places to check out or grab some food. Most of the time a local can point you to some really affordable and tasty food.
  • Don’t Pack Too Much
    When it comes packing for your road trip; less is more. Pack light and save some trunk space for random things you may find on your trip. You’ll be disappointed if you find that perfect souvenir, but don’t have the room to bring it home.
  • Carry Cash
    We live in a plastic world, but sometimes having some cash in your wallet can come in useful. Toll roads and bridges can appear out of nowhere and having some cash on you can make things easier. Be sure to get some change too, this will allow you to pay for parking when you need it.
  • There’s Nothing with Planning
    It would be great if you had unlimited time away from work and money to spend, but you probably don’t. Do a little research ahead of time and figure out the cities you’ll be overnighting at and book your hotel rooms ahead of time. There are lots of great discount hotel booking sites online that can save you some money (the earlier you book, the more you’ll save). You’ll probably want to avoid driving more than 8 hours in a row, any more than that amount will be uncomfortable and possibly dangerous.

Heading to a music festival with friends, a romantic getaway, or an adventure with the family? A summer road trip is an excellent way to create some great memories. At CarOne we sell hundreds of ‘new to you’ vehicles that can take your summer road trip to the next level. We work hard to make sure we have something for everyone, regardless your style of budget. Happy road tripping! Let us know if you have any road trip tips to add.