Free Vehicle Inspections in Kingston ON at CarOne with Our Innovative Hunter Machine

Imagine pulling into a shop and instantly knowing what’s happening with your car. It may sound like something from Star Trek but at CarOne its real life.

We’re pleased to announce our purchase and installation of our Hunter Quick Check® System. This technology is some of the most cutting-edge technology in the automotive market and we’re excited to bring it to our Kingston auto shop.

Getting your vehicle checked just became super-easy. Simply pull into our indoor drive-through service centre and one of our experienced service department staff will drive your car on the machine.

The best part, this service is 100% free for our customers. Simply pull-up and get a check-up at no cost to you!

Within a couple of minutes you’ll be able to see the following important details on your vehicle:

  • Tire Tread
    We can now automatically and accurately measure your tread depth in seconds
  • Diagnostic Check
    Watch us instantly retrieve codes from your vehicle and wirelessly transfer information about your vehicle’s health to our main console
  • Wheel Alignment
    A fast and accurate method of testing your vehicle’s wheel alignment. See if your tire alignment is off by even the smallest amount.
  • Battery Inspection
    Test your vehicle’s battery to ensure its meeting manufacturer specifications. You battery information will be sent to the main console in only 10 seconds
  • Easy-To-Understand Results
    Once your vehicle’s done we’ll hand you a customized report that breaks down what’s happening with your vehicle

We’re excited to offer this cutting technology to Kingston drivers, especially for free. Simply stop by our Kingston service and repair shop at 790 Gardiners Road and we’ll take it from there.