Honda in Talks to Partner With Google’s Self-Driving Vehicle Division


Google has been in the news for the last year with their advances in autonomous vehicle research. Recently, Google branded their self-driving vehicle division as Waymo.

Honda is now in talks with Google to have the tech giant power future self-driving vehicles. The auto manufacturer explained that the partnership will allow Honda the ability to integrate Waymo’s sensors, software and computers into future vehicles.

Once an agreement is reached, Honda will begin sending vehicles to Waymo that are modified to handle their technology. These future Honda models would join Lexus SUVs and Chrysler Pacifica minivans as vehicles equipped with Waymo.

Honda plans to begin production of Google-powered vehicles in 2020. These vehicles would be some of the first autonomous vehicles on the market.

Google has been working on developing self-driving vehicle research since 2009 and many of their vehicles are being tested on public roads. Google’s Waymo technology is considered the best by most in the automotive industry.