Fuel System Decarbonize Services – Why You Should Keep Your Fuel System Clean

We all want our vehicle running in a healthy state. It’s only logical to gauge a vehicle’s health by looking at its most important, the engine. Much like our body, what you put in your engine will play a role in its overall health.

Engines do a lot of work and they run hot. Every time you press the gas pedal you are determining how much fuel and air your engine takes in. The two elements enter your engine’s combustion chamber, the spark plug ignites the mixture and powers your vehicle. This process makes your car work, but it does produce carbon. When carbon deposits build up it can mean bad news for your engine’s performance by stopping proper airflow. Carbon will usually accumulate around the air intake, combustion chamber and the exhaust system.

The following can cause your engine to have a carbon build up: metals from fuel, stop and go traffic, aggressive revving of an engine, aromatic hydrocarbon within the fuel, and other vehicle performance issues.

There is some area of debate in regards to how to remove carbon build up in an engine. Some Kingston mechanics will suggest that it’s best to take apart the engine and scrub affected areas. With this technique, the mechanic will physically scrape the block piston and cylinder heads. This can be a very effective method to deal with carbon, but you’ll want to make sure you working with an experienced automotive technician. As you could imagine, this is an expensive day at the repair shop.

Decarbonizing your engine by using chemical cleaners and equipment is the best solution for many. This process utilizes alcohol and chemicals. The mixture powers the engine, taking the place of the fuel system. The mixture and process will dissolve the carbon deposits. Areas with more carbon build-up such as the fuel injectors, crown rings and pistons are targeted. The carbon exits through the exhaust system.

At CarOne, we recently partnered with TerraClean, the industry leader in automotive cleaning processes and products. This new partnership allows us the ability to provide TerraClean engine decarbonisation services to Kingston drivers. Your vehicle’s engine is completely decarbonized, the process focuses on the entire fuel system, including the O2 Sensor and catalytic converter. Our customers typically find their vehicles to get better fuel economy, get better engine performance and have less harmful emissions.

Until September 2nd, 2016 we are doing full Terra Clean Fuel System Decarbonize Services for $129.95 (regularly $169.95). Book your decarbonization online at: http://service.car1.ca/