15 Pre-Owned Vehicles With The Best Resale Values

When buying a new car there are many factors to take into account. Budget, safety and fuel efficiency usually top most lists, but what about resale value?

Trucks and sport-utility vehicles are popular targets at new car dealerships, it turns out that the used car market is very similar. The NADA (National Automotive Dealership Association) recently announced 15 vehicles that best keep their value.

15. Land Rover LR460.0% of original value retained after three years.
The Land Rover LR4 is built to taken off-road and also can serve as a comfortable and safe family vehicle. There’s seating for seven people. The interior is stunning with a top-notch interior with a standard super-charged V6.

14. Nissan GT-R61.1% of original value retained after three years.
Who wouldn’t want a Nissan GT-R? Nissan actually doesn’t sell a ton of GT-Rs during the course of a year, therefore helping the luxury sport car retain its value. They are pretty rare cars to find on the used car market. Looking for a $200k car that kicks some butt? The Nissan GT-R just might be the right vehicle for you.

13. Nissan Frontier 61.1% of original value retained after three years
Another Nissan vehicle makes the list. Not everyone wants a full-size pickup truck and the Nissan Frontier works really well for many truck buyers. This mid-sized pickup holds its value remarkably well. It’s got some power under the hood and a very comfortable ride powered by a strong V6.

12. Honda CR-V61.1 percent of original value retained after three years.
We all see a lot of Honda CR-Vs on the road. This is SUV is known for its longevity, this results in people holding on to them for many years. Popularity combined with the CR-Vs life cycle keeps values at some of the healthiest levels in the used car market.

11. Dodge Challenger62% of original value retained after three years.
The Challenger has been one of Canada’s most popular sports cars for nearly 60 years. Competing models such as the Mustang and Camaro do not keep their value as well as the Challenger. In addition to having some major power under the hood the Challenger actually has a decent amount of room for passengers, creating more appeal amongst various types of car buyers.

10. Honda Ridgeline62.5% of original value retained after three years.
Another midsize pickup truck makes the list. Interestingly, Honda almost canned production of the Ridgeline, yet its resale value is one of the best in the market. After a recent redesign the truck appears to be gaining some more fans.

9. Toyota Sequoia63.7% of original value retained after three years.
The Toyota Sequoia has a perfect combination of power and comfort. With seating for eight people the Sequoia is a great choice for many families. This full-size SUV also has the ability to go off-roading and offers high towing capacity. It makes sense that it’s so popular.

8. Toyota Highlander64.7% of original value retained after three years.
The Toyota Highlander is a great family vehicle. Its interior has everything one could ask for. This provides a really comfortable and quiet ride for up to eight passengers. Let’s not forget about the powerful V6 engine.
7. Subaru Forester64.7% of original value retained after three years.
The Subaru Forester isn’t the flashiest vehicle on the market, but that doesn’t stop it from being super popular. It’s hard to find a rating list that doesn’t feature the Forester. With some impressive standard features including All Wheel Drive, this crossover retains its value amazingly well.

6. Toyota Tundra65.3% of original value retained after three years.
There’s an interesting battle happening in the full-size pickup front. The Toyota Tundra has the Ford F-150 in its sights and isn’t showing any signs of giving up any market share. Let’s face it, Ford will probably come out on top for years to come, but the Tundra may be the smarter investment.

5. Subaru Impreza65.7% of original value retained after three years.
There’s a lot to like about the Subaru Impreza. Standard All Wheel Drive and some of the best value retention on the market are good starters. The Impreza is a great car for all four seasons and it offers a great highway driving experience with lots of interior and trunk room.

4. Dodge Ram 350066.1% of original value retained after three years.
The Dodge Ram 3500 is definitely a “King of the Hill” when it comes to retaining its value. This heavy-duty fill-size pickup truck is pretty loaded and takes care of almost anything you can throw at it. In addition to being a good work truck, it’s a nice option for cruising around on the highway.

3. Toyota 4Runner72.0% of original value retained after three years.
The Toyota 4Runner is a great blend between a truck and SUV. The 4Runner is in huge demand in the used car market with one of the best resell values. Maybe it’s because the new sticker price might be a little too high for some shoppers. It’s got more off-road capability than most of its competition and it’s loaded with some awesome features.

2. Toyota Tacoma 75.6% of original value retained after three years.
Another Toyota makes the list; this time it’s the Toyota Tacoma. A lot was updated in the 2016 edition of the Tacoma and it seems that buyers like the updates. There’s a strong market for smaller trucks on used car lots and it appears that the Tacoma is a popular target. With a very efficient V6 engine and one of the most innovative truck beds available, this truck makes sense for a lot of people.
1. Toyota FJ Cruiser91.5% of original value retained after three years.

The vehicle best at retaining its value is … the Toyota FJ Cruiser. Maybe it’s true that absence really does make the heart grow fonder, because this retro-styled SUV has been discontinued by Toyota. If you have one, it’s worth money. The FJ is a rough-and-tumble vehicle and it is really fun to drive in any setting, plus it looks really cool.