Free Vehicle Dashboard Light Diagnostics

Have a light flashing on your dashboard? Come CarOne Service and let us run a diagnostics test on any dashboard light for free. Keep that $65 the other guys will charge you in your pocket were it belongs.

Feel safe, driving away knowing what’s causing the issue and how it can be fixed. A light appearing on your dash could be triggered by anything ranging from a loose fuel cap to a more serious issues such as a catalytic convertor issue. You won’t know unless you check. Regardless of the cause, a light on the dashboard means you should have you vehicle checked by a professional. This will allow to drive with peace of mind knowing what’s happening under your hood and can save you money on preventable repairs.
So next time you see a light appear on your dash, stop by CarOne and one of our experienced technicians will run a diagnostics test absolutely free, with no strings attached.

Please feel free to call us at 613.542.2223, or book your Free Dashboard Light Diagnostics Test Online.